Capital Punishment

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  • ✨ EXPLODE WITH LAUGHTER! Get ready for an epic party with Capital Punishment – the game that will have you and your friends in stitches. It’s the ultimate entertainment for game nights, college parties, and birthdays!
  • 🔥 MAKE YOUR FRIENDS SWEAT! Put them on the Hot Seat! Argue, debate, and roast your way to victory. Challenge your friends’ arguments and see who can come up with the most hilarious and outrageous reasons to win. It’s all about having a good time!
  • 🎉 EASY TO LEARN, INSTANT FUN! No complicated rules here. Within 60 seconds, you and your crew will be laughing and playing. It’s the perfect icebreaker and drinking game (if you’re up for it).
  • 🌟 300+ POP-CULTURE CARDS! From celebrities to movies, this game has it all. Roast your friends with witty jokes and clever comebacks. It’s a social experiment that will test your friendships and sense of humor.
  • 💯 SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES! By choosing Capital Punishment, you’re supporting a small business brand. Join us in celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit and making a positive impact.
  • 🌈 INCLUSIVE AND DIVERSE! Capital Punishment embraces everyone’s unique perspectives and backgrounds. It’s a game that bridges generational divides and encourages respectful humor. Get ready for a party that celebrates diversity and brings people together!
  • 🔥 UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY! Let your imagination run wild as you come up with the most outrageous arguments and hilarious jokes. Just watch the insanity! This game is all about thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries of comedy. Get ready to showcase your wit and creativity!


Turbocharge Your Game Night: NEW Enhanced Quick Play Rules for Maximum Fun

girl looking through capital punishment cards. Capital Punishment is a fun adult card game

friends laughing at a case being made. Capital Punishment is a funny adult board game

man celebrating winning. Capital Punishment is a fun party game for adults and college students.



  • Remove all strategy cards and non-value point cards from the decks.
  • Shuffle the remaining Punishment Deck cards.
  • Deal Black Cards to each player and place the Punishment Deck facedown in the center.


Playing the Game

The Judge flips a Punishment Card and players submit their Black Cards.


  • Choose a card that best fits the revealed punishment.
  • Make an opening argument for why your card is the worst and challenge others.
  • Engage in lively debate and enhance your case.


The Judge decides the winner of the round, who collects the Punishment Card and points.

Winning the Game

Rotate the Judge each round and play until one player reaches five points or the Punishment Deck is empty.

Discover the game that will have you and your friends laughing out loud and debating like never before – the Capital Punishment: The Party Argument Game.

This hilarious party game is perfect for adults and offers endless entertainment for any event, be it pre-games, camping, bachelorette/bachelor parties, or just a casual night in.

This game is not just about fun but also bridges generational divides. With 300+ cards filled with pop-culture references, you’ll enjoy making jokes while still respecting the humanity of the people involved… or not. It’s a social experiment that tests your ability to play on your friends’ emotions and see who you can make them deem THE WORST.

One of the best things about Capital Punishment: The Party Argument Game is how easy it is to learn. A group of friends, family, or even strangers can pick up playing in under 60 seconds. This makes it perfect for a drinking game but that’s entirely up to you.

Get ready for a night of explosive laughter and riveting debates as you argue against your friends or family. With its easy setup and engaging gameplay, Capital Punishment: The Party Argument Game brings a unique twist to your party games collection. It’s not just about winning; it’s about having fun, making jokes, and seeing who can come up with the most convincing argument.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a bachelorette party, birthday, college gathering, or just want to spice up your game nights, the Capital Punishment: The Party Argument Game is a fantastic pick. Don’t miss out on this exciting game that will surely become a favorite among your friends and family. Order now and let the fun begin!

The Party Argument Game, Party Game, Card Game, Adult Party Game, Game Night, Game Night Ideas

The Party Argument Game, Party Game, Card Game, Adult Party Game, Game Night, Game Night Ideas

The Party Argument Game, Party Game, Card Game, Adult Party Game, Game Night, Game Night Ideas

The Party Argument Game, Party Game, Card Game, Adult Party Game, Game Night, Game Night Ideas

Here’s How to Play Capital Punishment.


Shuffle the Main Deck and Punishment Deck. Deal each player five cards from the Main Deck. Place both decks in the middle of the table. Pick a first Judge. Everyone but the Judge can replace one card from their hand with another from the Main Deck at the beginning of each round.

Now, it’s time to pick one card from your hand and submit it to the Judge face-down. The Judge flips the cards once everyone has submitted.

*Legal Strategy Cards*

Look out for these when you draw from the Main Deck. They change court proceedings to your advantage (or others’ disadvantage), and they just might be your key to winning. Each card will tell you what it does and when you can use it.


Everyone gets a turn at making their “opening argument” to convince the Judge and other players that their card is the worst one on the table—for whatever hilarious, annoying, or awful reasons. Once everyone has said their piece, you can challenge others’ cases and enhance your own.

When the Judge has heard enough, they’ll decide which card is the worst of the worst.


Whoever played the card picked by the Judge wins the round. The Judge flips a Punishment Card. The Punishment Card and the points go to the winner. Rinse and repeat with a new Judge each round. That’s the game.

It all ends when one player gets to five points, or if someone plays the Whistleblower Strategy Card, or when the table gets flipped. Just kidding.

The Game in Five Steps

  • Pick a Judge.
  • Deal Five Cards to Every Player.
  • Pick a card you could make the case for being the worst, and submit it to the Judge.
  • Make your case for conviction. Defend your own case and challenge others’.
  • Judge decides and flips a Punishment Card. Winner gets points. Start again a new Judge.


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Capital Punishment

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12 reviews for Capital Punishment

  1. Anonymous (store manager)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    This game is hilarious! You’ll never have more fun with your friends and family. We got hammered by the way!

  2. Brandon (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Love this game! Super fun and a good way to get the party started!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    It was great fun. Loved being able to argue about who deserved the punishment !! Some of the named people
    Was sometimes hard to figure out who was the worst. But it was fun hearing the creative and passionate arguments

  4. Chris M.

    Who would have thought that I would ever enjoy being in court with my friends! When it comes to capital punishment anything’s game! Love this card game, it became my new go to when friends are over.

  5. Braheem T.

    THIS GAME IS SO FUN!!! My girlfriend bought this game for our couple’s game night last week. If you think you know your friends and family, THINK AGAIN! Hearing how much your sister actually hates Floyd Mayweather and how much she defends Nicholas Cage’s movies is something to look forward to. I highly recommend this game !!

  6. Fetch Dixon

    Perfect Fun for the right group. My friends and I are performers, so we all started drinking and doing our best impressions of righteous southern lawyers from the Gone With The Wind days. It made the game an absolute blast. We loved it.

  7. Ron Coia

    Fun Game, Especially for Classroom Use. I look for good games to use in the classroom (I’m a high school teacher, English and Government). This is an excellent game that teaches argumentation, as well as having lots of fun. This is a lot like Snake Oil, and I think I like that game better than this one. I like this as well, though. Worth a try!

  8. David Hasslinger

    Such a fun game to play with your friends! This game had me and my friends in tears laughing! So fun!

  9. Amazon Customer

    Super fun game for friends and family! This game came highly recommended from a friend and they did not steer me wrong!! Excellent choice for game night.

  10. Arlene P

    Fun. Game night.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Great Card game. This game is fun and interesting. It turns everyday conversations and debates into an exciting card game! This card game is a must buy for friends and family to have a good time at an event.

  12. Montez Brown

    Great game and fun experience. Was hanging out with some of my friends and decided to pull out Capital Punishment. This is a warning, this game is hilarious but also really dark. This game is pretty interesting! Would recommend for anyone that knows pop culture or politics.

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