Sponsorship Tiers

Bronze Package – $2,500

  • Logo Placement: Small logo in the video credits.
  • Social Media Shoutouts: One post on your social media platforms.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Visit the set during filming.

Silver Package – $5,500

  • Logo Placement: Medium-sized logo in video credits and on set.
  • Social Media Coverage: Two posts on your social media platforms and a mention in one YouTube video description.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Includes a tour and opportunity to meet the cast.
  • Product Placement: Subtle product feature in the video.

Gold Package – $11,000

  • Prominent Logo Placement: Large logo in video credits, on set, and in the video’s intro.
  • Enhanced Social Media Coverage: Multiple posts across platforms, YouTube video descriptions mentions, and a dedicated thank-you post.
  • Dedicated Behind-the-Scenes Content: Custom footage or interviews mentioning the sponsor.
  • Product Placement: More prominent product placement.
  • Sponsored Segment: A short segment specifically talking about the sponsor.

Platinum Package – $22,000

  • Exclusive Branding Rights: Prominent logo in all video and promotional materials.
  • Comprehensive Social Media Campaign: Continuous promotion, including stories, posts, and YouTube segments.
  • Custom Content Creation: Additional content specifically for the sponsor.
  • VIP Behind-the-Scenes Access: VIP treatment on set, interactions with cast and crew.
  • Major Product Placement: Integration into the video’s storyline.

Diamond Package – $35,000

  • Title Sponsorship: The video series titled “Presented by [Sponsor’s Name]”.
  • Complete Brand Integration: The sponsor’s brand featured throughout the video series.
  • Strategic Content Collaboration: Working with the sponsor to create content that aligns closely with both the video series and the sponsor’s branding.
  • Priority Social Media Campaign: Top-tier continuous promotion across all platforms.
  • Exclusive Promotional Events: Inclusion in any promotional events, interviews, or special features related to the video series.
  • Premiere Sponsorship Recognition: Acknowledgment as the premier sponsor in all communications and press related to the video series.

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