Capital Punishment Pricing

Are you a retailer or distributor interested in procuring Capital Punishment? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some options. 

First Edition Limited Print (Pictured)
You can purchase our first edition print right now. Fresh off the presses and with limited availability. Get it while it’s hot!

Second Edition
You can express interest in carrying the Second Edition. It will feature some design and content changes. It’s in development now and we’re excited about it. 

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Check out our homepage to learn more about the game.  

Head over to Game Rules to read how to play. 


Wholesale pricing kicks in at 10 units, and it’s the same for the 1st and 2nd editions. Free shipping on orders of 100+ units!

Interested in Buying?

We’d love to have Capital Punishment available for purchase through your business. Indicate below whether you’d like to purchase the first edition, if you’re interested in preordering the second edition, or both, and we’ll promptly get in contact.

Just want a copy
for yourself?

We appreciate the support! Head over to our homepage to order in smaller quantities.